Helle Knives

The Scandinavian countries have a long and proud heritage of knife manufacture. Helle Fabrikker of Norway has a well earned reputation for producing some of the best knives in Scandinavia.

Helle knife blades are triple laminated stainless steel. This enables the blades to be hard, tough, but not difficult to sharpen.

Helle produces practical, useable knifes that look good and are comfortable to work with. Knife handles are made from curly birch, walnut, leather and stag horn.



Kilmarnock Forge has tomahawks produced by the American Tomahawk Company, a division of Cold Steel Incorporated. These tomahawks are drop forged 1055 carbon steel with hickory handles.

Kizlyar Knives

"Quality handmade knives from Russia". Kizlyar knives are based in the southern Russian province of Dagestan, a region with a weapon manufacturing history dating back to the 14th century. The Kizlyar knives distributed by Kilmarnock Forge are made from 65x13 or z60 steel and are practical, stylish and affordable.


The internationally recognised Puma trademark was first registered in 1769. Puma now has 3 centuries of blade production in Solingen, Germany. In keeping with our philosophy, the Puma knives stocked by Kilmarnock Forge are all from the Puma hand made range. For more info visit

Gränsfors Bruks Axes

Gransfors Bruks has been producing high quality axes in Sweden since 1902. After forging, each axe is hardened and tempered, sharpened and stamped by the blacksmith with his initials. The quality of the forging is such, there is no need for any further dressing or painting.
All Gransfors Bruks axes are sold with genuine hickory handles, leather sheath, the axe book and a 20 year guarantee. Kilmarnock Forge will carry some of the Gransfors Bruks range as stock items, other models can be ordered on request. For more info visit

Brusletto Knives

Brusletto and Co was created in 1896 when Rognold Brusletto started up as a knifesmith and scythe maker in Geilo, Norway. The tradition continues with Geilo still the home of Brusletto in Norway.
Today, most Brusletto knives use 12c27 for their bladesteel and curly birch for the handles.

Svörd Knives

Made in New Zealand using Swedish L6 high carbon tool steel, Svörd knives are for the discerning hunter or farmer who wants a practical, useable knife. All Svörd knives are hand ground and individually heat treated. This, combined with the L6 steel and the convex edge ensures each knife is razor sharp out of the box, stays sharp longer and is easy to resharpen. All Svörd blades are guaranteed for life against breakage.

D.H.Russell Grohman Belt Knives

Designed in conjunction with Deane H. Russell, the distinctive Canadian belt knife has been handcrafted by the Grohman family knife business since 1957. Grohman knives are recognised around the world for their exceptional beauty, balance and quality. They have won more than 25 international honours, including a display at New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art.

EKA knives

EKA has been manufacturing folding knives at Eskilstuna in Sweden since 1882. Very few knife manufacturers have warranties on folding knives. EKA folding knives have an unprecidented 10 year warranty. EKA knives by appointment to HM the King of Sweden.

Arkansas Oilstones

Natural Arkansas oilstones are handcut from novaculite stone in the Ouachita mountains in Arkansas. Arkansas oilstones give a far superior finish to the edge of your quality knives than that achieved with rough synthetic stones. Kilmarnock Forge has 6 and 8 inch bench stones in 3 grades, all in cedar boxes and 3 grades of pocket stones in leather sheaths.

EZE-lap diamond hones

Made in the USA, Eze-lap use a dual bonding and patented heat treatment process to create a smooth consistent diamond array bonded to a stainless substrate that measures 72 Rockwell C hardness. The diamonds remove metal, the hardened bond hones the edge.